Welcome to Port Edwards

The portedwardswi.com website was a Community Progress Initiative project that went live in 2008 as a result of a vision by the Port Edwards Business Council and myself. I designed, developed, and maintained the website as a resident of the community in part through a contract under a grant by the Port Progress Endowment Fund. All of the graphical design was a donation of my time and I personally purchased and own the domain.

The purpose of the site was to provide information for those interested in the community, including business information, religious organizations and events. The site also was developed to provide links to our school district, to neighboring municipalities, and to welcome people and promote Port Edwards and the surrounding area.

The Board of the Village of Port Edwards has taken steps to develop a new government website, rendering this site potentially redundant and obsolete. Under direction of members of the Port Progress Fund grant committee, the site has been taken down.

I have enjoyed working with the residents of the community on the community website over the past 8 years and am looking forward to seeing the new Port Edwards municipal site.

Joe Terry
1180 Port Road
Port Edwards, WI 54469
e-mail: support@portedwardswi.com